Painting tattoo on a woman's body is very nice, especially painting near the vagina. while painting can see the shape of the vagina that exist, there are black, some are pink, some are shaped like a smile for you.

The process of tattooing is piercing the skin using a needle and injecting ink into the second layer of skin beneath the epidermis.

Because the process is damaging the skin, the body's white blood cells respond by trying to absorb foreign particles, and put it into the blood. Why pigment there? Therefore, the pigment particles are too large to 'eat' white blood cells.

The existence of tattoos increasingly popular in the United States (U.S.). As many as 40 percent of Americans, according to PEW Research, 18-29 years old, have at least one tattoo.

Due to the permanent nature, then we need to be careful if you want to get a tattoo. For example, we are tattooing the name of a girlfriend. Then, we broke up with a boyfriend before, it would be very unfortunate having names that no longer exist in a loving relationship with our bodies.

Indeed, tattoos can be removed with a laser for example. The laser beam would break up the pigment particles small enough to 'eat' white blood cells.

This process is done many times and depending on the size of the tattoo. Sometimes, it is worth noting, the process of tattoo removal leave scars on the skin.

Age also influenced the tattoo. Will increasingly blurred ink if the needle pricked too deep into the skin. The changing shape of the body, also affects tattoos, such as eyebrow tattoos. So, think carefully to have a tattoo.

Should ask the owner of the vagina, like paint near the vagina or a little further. when close to the vagina means having to hold the clitoris, the clitoris to match the existing shape.

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