Monday, June 24, 2013


You must have been seen a woman wearing earrings in the ears. That woman will look more beautiful with the accessories she wore. Indeed, every woman wants to look beautiful, even doing a health risk.

Wear earrings in other parts of the body such as the vagina or known by the term "vagina piercing" (Piercing), made ​​certain women to beautify sensitive parts of her body. Vagina piercing is done on the clitoris, vaginal lips are also on the inside and outside (the perineum).

You can see that process on "vagina piercing video", it is the risk of infection and the woman also feel pain. Held her clitoris then pierced with a piercing equipment to include clitoral jewelry and tie.

Vagina piercing video shown the process how it is used in the vagina accessories quickly by a expert.

Women who wear piercing the vagina feel more confident and give sensations to her partner during sexual intercourse. The women assume that when you see the accessories in the vagina, will increase the passion her partner.

Vagina Piercing Pictures

Genital piercing is special because there is potential to directly affect your sexual pleasure. A poorly placed piercing can result in either a missed opportunity for enhancement, or a negative experience and a loss of sensation, either temporary or permanent. Unfortunately, many piercers have NO specific training in genital piercings whatsoever! As a piercer who is renowned as an expert on the subject, have bad news: a large percentage of genital piercings are improperly placed. Because of variations in genital anatomy and personal preferences for sexual stimulation, each piercee must be evaluated (and even counseled) on an individual basis before deciding on a genital piercing. Next >>>

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