Masturbation is not only dominated by men, but women also masturbate although the percentage is smaller than the male. Female masturbation activities in many ways, can use fingers or a tool and the natural objects around him, as well as tools that have to spend money to get it.

Many tools and objects can be used by women to masturbate, but there are also a few rare or unusual wear. The tool and the object can be described as follows:

Hand or Finger

Masturbation using the hand or fingers is an easy to do by a woman. Research of Stimulation techniques is a common, approximately 48% of women stimulate the vagina and clitoris using fingers. Women can stimulate the clitoris with gentle touches, when it is stimulated enhanced by inserting a finger into the vaginal opening.

Women often use the shower to masturbate in the bath. When these women are easily aroused. End of the shower should be moved to the clitoris that leads directly spray water on these sensitive parts. Setting hot water and spray pressure can be adjusted as desired. Usually starts with a softer spray and then increased over the clitoris so hard spray increasingly felt. Many women can reach orgasm within a few minutes by way of shower spray directly on her clitoris.


Vibrators are usually used for massage, can also be used for masturbation. You need not touch directly to your clitoris, but simply by dragging the outer movements around your vagina. or use a specially made vibrator to masturbate. Only after you get used to slowly touch your clitoris. Never push objects sharp, can be broken or dirty.

Another tools that can be used is a tool that Dildo sex (sex toy) penis-shaped safe and gentle. Dildo in use should be covered with a condom. Dildo has many forms and types are usually made of plastic, flexible rubber or silicon. There Dildo sketch sketch complete with male genitalia muscle like the original. To achieve the pleasure to use a dildo, first rub your clitoris to first tense, then insert a dildo into your vagina.


If the vagina still feels dry, it should be assisted with lotion. Slowly move the dildo in and out of the vagina while one hand continued to stimulate the clitoris. There is a dildo that comes with clitoral stimulation, so whenever pressed into, dildonya will rub her clitoris.

Deodorant Bottle
Deodorant bottle shaped like a penis can be used for masturbation. These objects are objects that are familiar with women as it is used to reduce body odor. Deodorant bottle sizes must also be adjusted to further enhance stimulation and pleasure during masturbation.

Wine Bottle
Bottle of wine after drinking it, she used the empty bottle to masturbate. The upper end of a bottle of wine can be to penetrate into the vagina so that the action of masturbation more enjoyable. But keep in mind that the bottle does not make the vagina become sore.

Vegetables commonly eaten as a complement to the growing fiber needs. But there are some among which such as cucumbers, eggplant, corn, carrot or turnip greens can be used for female masturbation. All was done because the vegetables are shaped like a penis that is ready to be played.

Bananas in addition to containing vitamins for healthy body it forms a long, round object that can be used to satisfy a woman. The shape and size make masturbation exciting easy and fun for a woman. Bananas are used usually immature so not too soft.

Wax is a hard object, so she chose a thick wax coated spherical and with condoms make it more secure for mastubasi. It is used to prevent pieces of wax when entered into the vagina. The way this is done funny woman to reach orgasm. When the time masturbating sudden power outages, candles can be lighted directly while masturbating ...

Chair Handle
This is a last resort when there is no other available objects. Chair Handle with rounded edges that looks like a penis can be used by women to enjoy orgasm. Masturbating with the chair is very risky to hurt vagina. So it needs to be careful in doing so masturbation does not cause negative impacts of adverse health vagina.

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