Yoga from Sanskrit meaning "union", which means "union with nature" or "unification with the Creator". Yoga is one of six in the teachings of Hindu philosophy, which focuses on meditation or tapa activity in which a person focuses his whole mind to control the senses and the body as a whole.

Global society generally recognize Yoga as its main training activity asana (postures) of Hatta Yoga. Yoga is also used as an alternative treatment, usually this is done with breathing exercises, body work and meditation, which has been known and practiced for over 5000 years.

People doing yoga tapa called yogis, for male practitioners yogin and yogini for female practitioners. Hindu literature containing the teachings of Yoga, among which are Upaishad, Bhagavad Gita, Yogasutra, Hatta Yoga and some other literature. Classification Yoga teachings contained in the Bhagavad Gita, among which are Karma Yoga / Marga, Jnana Yoga / Marga, Bakti Yoga / Marga, Raja Yoga / Marga.

Yoga can be therapeutic for the diseases if practiced in accordance with the following principles:

  • Done regularly. Practicing yoga regularly helps stretch and strengthen muscles, joints flex and strengthen bones as well as stimulate the hormone regularly
  • Breathe deeply. Yoga breathing techniques increase lung capacity so that the process of respiration becomes optimal. Yoga breathing techniques also help strengthen the internal organs and improve the body's ability to relax
  • A balanced diet. A balanced diet and ensure adequate intake of nutrients for the body, improves health holistic saecara
  • Enough rest. It's important to maintain a balance between work and rest so that the health of the body is always in tip top condition.
  • Positive thinking. Mind / spiritual should always be given a positive input that mental and emotional aspects maintained their health. There is a correlation between the mind and body. Positive thoughts greatly assist in the recovery of the body from disease

There was nothing unusual with yoga habits that become a trend in New York, United States. If there is a special yoga for men naked in Chelsea's Le Male Yoga, there is now a Bold & Naked Yoga studio that allows women without clothes when yoga.

Creative Director is also Co-Owner of Joschi Yoga Institute, Joschi Schwarz said that the emotional psychology, yoga without clothes really help a woman feel better, confident and knowing himself.

"When you get rid of the clothes and do yoga, you will get rid of the` label` whether you are from a group of people like. And that is a beautiful thing. So maybe the people have to leave the impression that yoga without clothes was a cheap way, "said Schwarz.


It is a simple invention, for use by women. Many designers try to create dresses as a woman demands the development of a model. Below is an example of a BEAUTIFUL underwear for women, which is very practical to use.

They tried to make things even more comfortable to wear, good for everyday activities or for a jaunt on the beach. Ancient material used to cover the sensitive parts of women very much but now less materials may be used, perhaps for savings.

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TATTOO ON THE VAGINA | beautiful women have tattoos on the vagina

This story about the tattoos on the vagina, but before explaining more, and see  pictures and videos vagina tattoo first to know about Tattoos. Tattoo is the art of writing and painting on the human body. Tattoo art has been there thousands of years ago, precisely in 3000 BC. Signs of the oldest tattoos found on Egyptian mummies. Tattoo art found in several cultures of the world. In The region of Amazon, there are Xingu tribe, which has a habit of drawing on their body parts and no clothes they use. Their opinion drawing body to differentiate human with animal.

At this time many people and places that provide tattooing services. Tattoos are made to choose an image and color may vary. There's even a tattoo is permanent or difficult to remove, but there is no permanent self can be erased in a few weeks or months.

The ways to process uses a needle to draw on the body and certain dyes. Usually begins with drawing tattoo on the body, then the image is tattooed with a needle in order pigment can enter the human skin.

Currently tattooing in the association to increase the sensation of the viewer or the sensation for the owner. Location drawing tattoos on the body also vary. In general, tattoos drawn on the body that is easy to look like in the hands, feet, or body. 

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But there is a tattoo made ​​on the spot that is not visible and is not uncommon, that the genitals . For example, in women, they get a tattoo on their vagina . Beatiful women with tattoos on vagina is fascinating. Something is strange and unique, a tattoo on the vagina does contain a high risk. Tattoos on ordinary place already feels pain, especially in a very sensitive place. There is a struggle and a challenge for those who get a tattoo. Everything is made ​​possible to further increase the passion for their unique look. Next >>>

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Definition of the Kama Sutra comes from the Sanskrit language, which can be described from the word kama, and sutra. Kama has meaning of desire, passion, love or lust. While sutra has meaning of "series". So that means understanding and definition of the Kama Sutra is a "the chain of romance". Learn more again through pictures and videos kama sutra positions to reach the maximum pleasure.

Kama Sutra Video

The word comes from the book Kama Sutra Vatsyayana Mallanaga creation. Kama sutra widely studied to explore sexual pleasure. Kama Sutra book contains 36 chapters which consists of  7 parts. Kama sutra book has been tested translated into many languages​​.

  Fig.1. Sitting Kamasutra positions
 Fig.2. Contrary Kamasutra positions
Fig.3. Kamasutra Position Swinging Leg

Besides translated into many languages​​, kama sutra also been included in the film industry. A wide range of films and videos kama sutra is made ​​with care or sex shown women and men are vulgar.

Kama Sutra Video

See the video and images of various sexual positions kamasutra style or known as Kamasutra position. By practicing these positions sexual intercourse can be exploited to the fullest and find a comfortable position and pleasure. The right positions of Kamasutra can bring satisfaction for woman so she can reach more orgasm.

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Having fun on nude beaches, you can enjoy there. If you are already used as well be naked in front of others. Because on a nude beach, everyone there should not be wearing clothes.

You can cast a glance anywhere and listen to various forms of Mr.P and Mrs.V from everyone. But if you are a man certainly should refrain from allowing Mr.P is erect or tense in front of crowds. It can be embarrassing and into the limelight.

This places around the world that you can bare ria, with other people. Do you have plans to visit a nude beach places around the world??? Make your plan and then go one by one each of the holidays.

 Gunnison Beach (New Jersey, U.S.)

This beach is the only nude beach legalized in the state of the United States, as well as being part of the Gateway National Recreation Area at Sandy Hook. Arrive early at the beach to get the best sun spots when the weather is sunny. You can also become part of the local community there, Friends of Gunnison, who often run a variety of exciting beach activities. Oh, all naked here.

Gulf Studland (Dorset, UK)

Ferry ride or drive through land routes you can take to reach this location, especially the beautiful northern part, which is often used as a gathering place for naturist in Europe. During the summer, the activity of kayaking or windsurfing can be an option to have fun.

Hanlan's Point Beach Beaches (Toronto, Canada)

Besides Wreck Beach in Vancouver, Hanlan's Point Beach is a nude beach in Canada. With promising hospitality, beach club there also like to hold a fun beach activities program.

Beach Haulover Beach (Florida, U.S.)

Located in north Miami, Haulover Beach is also one of the nude beach legalized in the United States. This beach is a favorite spot for naturist (nude beach lovers) of North Florida for many years, plus naturists from Canada and Europe.

 Hedonism II (Negril, Jamaica)

Hedonism II in contrast to similar beaches. This place is reserved for those who like "adventurous", both for those who jomlo or spouse. The beach area is, as the name suggests, complete with hijinks that seemed not stop.

 Little Beach (Maui, Hawaii)

This place is considered as the best beach for sunbathing while naked. 7 inches of rainfall a year, clean sea water, and celebrate the sunset every Sunday followed by a fire dance, makes this beach more attractive to lovers of nude beaches.

Paradise Beach (Mykonos, Greece)

Greece Paradise Beach promises the best experience, especially in the bars and clubs Cavo Paradiso on the hill. Food and drinks are deliciously easy to get here.

 Swanbourne Beach (Western Australia)

Taking 20 minutes from Perth, you've arrived at Swanbourne beach. Locations marked as "clothing-optional" alias may lie up to 3 miles barefoot on the beach.

 Montalivet beach (France)

Tourists looking for an actual nude beach should come to the Centre Helio Montalivet, this is where the birth of the international naturist movement (which ended up being a nudist). Starting from 1950, this nude beach resort provides facilities such as 1800 best nudist campsite, 172 bungalows, shops, recreational facilities, and sports.

Cap d'Agde (France)

Located in the Village Naturiste, that there you can casually out of the restaurants and shops without using any string in the body. The area is also legal. Various activities such as beach volleyball tournament is often done during the summer. Next >>>

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Have you ever watched the show orchestra? Orchestra is a musical performance that are played simultaneously, usually plays classical music.

Orchestra played in concert by female personnel would have been there. But when played by women without clothes or naked, it is a unique performance.

What is even more interesting is the leader or often called the conductor wearing clothes but is slowly released. This is an invited audience applause.

Musical Performances like these may be expensive entry ticket, as it is a unique all the players were not wearing clothes. Surely the players paid to play their instruments one by one.

Moreover, all look young and beautiful. From the picture of the situation can be seen, the show is held in Japan Affairs Sakura. Indeed, a lot of new things and strange, often made ​​by the Japanese .

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Penis (from the Latin word for "tail", the same root with the phallus, which has the same meaning) is the male genitals. The penis is an external organ, because it is outside the body. The use of the term "penis" practically always in the context of biology or medicine.

The function of the biological penis is as a disposal (excretory organs) fluid tangible metabolism (urination) and as a tool for reproduction. True Penis owned by mammals and become major identifiers male gender. Organs with similar functions of other animals divisio members are sometimes called penis though technically not a penis in mammals.

Human Penis

Human penis is a part of the male reproductive system (male) and part of the excretory system. In addition to the penis, the male reproductive organ also cover the epididymis (testicle) are protected in the scrotum (testicle or testicles bag) plus several glands and ducts. Although the human penis has the functions and origins (ontogeny) similar to other mammals, it has its peculiarities. By comparison, the human penis larger proportion than other mammals. Human penis has no protective skin to hide in when the "rest". In addition, the human penis has absolutely no baculum or penis bone, so as to penetrate into the vagina, the penis erect rely solely on the blood supply to the pockets (corpora) in the shaft of the penis.

Parts and structures

Human penis is composed of two main parts, the base / root (radix) and body (corpus). The base of the penis is located inside the body, made up of bubbles penis (penile bulb) and a pair of crus penis on both sides. The surface of the skin that protects the base of the penis usually have pubic hair. The body penis has two side surfaces: dorsal (the one seen from the front if the penis is "rest") and ventral or urethral (leading to the / testis). The structure of the penis body supported by three bags: a pair of corpora and corpus spongiosus cavernosus between them, located on the ventral side and protect the urinary tract (urethra). At the end of the rod-shaped glans penis are slightly pointed at the ends, which facilitates penetration during intercourse. The urethra is the channel for the semen (sperm or seminal fluid) as well as urine (urine or urine). The end of the urethra, which appears on the glans penis is called the meatus. Urine passes the urethra when the valve at the bottom of the bladder is opened. Mani through the urethra during ejaculation. Spray on ejaculation is not controlled by the urethra but the muscles that are around the base of the penis. In the ventral part of the shaft of the penis visible raphe, aligned stroke from behind the glans penis into the anus through the scrotum. Raphe in women evolved into the vaginal opening.

Anatomi Penis

Berkas:A human penis.jpg


Development, growth and size

Penis evolved during sex determination in the womb. Like the ovaries (egg birth), both evolved from the gonads, which develops as a thickening layer of mesotel the peritoneum. The peritoneum itself develops from mesoderm. Gender differences begin to appear after a seven-week-old embryo. By the time the baby is born, the penis has grown well. In some developmental disorders can occur or hidden penis occurs hermafroditisme, ie both sex organs are formed all. In normal growth, penis and testicles sac began to experience growth during puberty (puberty legal age in Islamic religious terms). The hormone testosterone plays a role in this development. It is this process that will determine the size of the penis. Based on observations of thousands of examples of men aged 17-18 years found no difference in the average length of the penis between the ages of 17 and 19 years, so it can be concluded that penile growth stops at around the age of 17 years or even earlier.

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The men must play an important role, so that an intimate relationship can provide pleasure for both parties. Moreover, for women who have not openly express their feelings and desires. Men should have a lot of way to make a woman's happy. Stimulates the activity of the body that are sensitive to a woman's body is the most intimate of activities and stunning her.

Generally, men always have an idea to create a smoldering sex life. Launching an exciting game at the body parts to make the relationship more beautiful and fascinating sex. Plus when playing hands and fingers caress the most sensitive point of stimulation a woman.

Stimulation of the clitoris

The clitoris as well as the male penis is the main focus of stimulation in woman. With fingering the clitoris it will give pleasure. The point of the stimulus is a sensitive part of a woman who has always attracted the attention of men to "explored". You can start a guerrilla action by giving a soft touch on the clitoris. Should treat a woman's clitoris in a gentle way because this part is very sensitive. Similarly, there finger game, touch the soft friction slowly. Soft kiss could be opening the next scene.

Stimulation of the Other Body Parts

Do not just focus on the clitoris, because other parts also have sensitive areas, such as the breast. Play as well as tender breasts and nipples. Launch soft touches, if necessary using kisses and tongue playing. Exploration of each body part whether it is in the neck, ears, or other body parts.

Set the rhythm of playing and touch

When playing partner's clitoris or other body parts, done with a certain rhythm. Most common men always want to raise the speed of the rhythm of the game his finger but it is not necessarily favored her. Therefore it is necessary to ask the couple that what can be enjoyed or cause uncomfortable feeling and pain.

Whisper seduction in her ear

Sometimes stimuli in this way can be forgotten during intercourse. Whispers tenderly flattering pair, carried to the mind in the brain that lead to beautiful fantasies. With intimate whisper in the ear will make her more excited. This is because the brain is the body part that serves to control all parts of the body. With brain stimulation as a center will provide exciting feeling and a sense of palpitations.

Exploring the G-spot

In addition to playing a finger in the vagina and clitoris partner, can also use your fingers to give a woman pleasure at the G-spot. Finding the G-spot in a woman is difficult not easy because of its own abstract. But once discovered and there fingering the woman will feel incredible pleasure.

Other variations on the fingers playing

Actually a lot of variety and ideas that can be done with a finger while giving a stimulation in a woman. But not all of these variations can be accepted by women because there are some fairly extreme example of which includes all the fingers into the vagina. do it only if she asked or licensed person who has the vagina.

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Several studies have shown the possibility for a man to have sex just to survive in the short period of 5 to 10 minutes. On the other side, a woman needs a longer time to achieve satisfaction, ranging from 7 to 15 minutes. This is what distinguishes behavior and sexual ability of men and women. A man more quickly aroused and quickly reach a climax but a woman needs foreplay to increase passion and soon reached the point of orgasm.

The study also said 71% of men want to linger in bed to satisfy their partner. Intentions to last long, but Mr. Penis was first vomiting.

The problem is what is called premature ejaculation. Here are ways to prevent premature ejaculation can be discussed and be done with partner.
  1. The first way is Enjoying Sex with relax.
    In sex you do not need to stress. Sex is a leisurely journey to be enjoyed at every step. Never thought of orgasm so you do not feel pressured. Just enjoy every inch of your partner's body from the lips, neck to toe until you and your partner really feel satisfied to proceed to the 'menu' main.
  2. Set Technique of Breathing
    Using the technique of breathing during sex can also help you long lasting in bed. The trick is to breathe with the rhythm matching as a couple. This method can create harmony in love and make you and your partner both know when to reach orgasm.
  3. Variations in Sex Position
    If you love a certain position that makes you dominant, now is the time to change sex positions. Let your partner that determines what position she likes. This way you will be a 'servant' is great for couples as well as prevent you from premature ejaculation.
  4. Ladies First
    Not only in social life, in sexual expression is also worth you hold dear. Lead your partner to reach orgasm with foreplay first 10-15 minutes. If you are going to make foreplay orgasm, now is the time to penetrate the woman on top position and make her the first orgasm!
  5. Take a break
    This method is often done by men who have premature ejaculation. The trick is to pull the penis out of the vagina a few times when it would be premature. It can provide sex duration is longer. However, this method requires practice a few times before you actually can control ejaculation perfectly.

The things mentioned above need to be discussed with your partner and be done with full responsibility, that the man responsible for that woman's satisfaction is achieved and women are also responsible for the man, so that each other can achieve satisfaction together.

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The birth of a baby normally require the sacrifice of a mother. The pain experienced by an unspeakable pain and can not be expressed in words. Different pain pain pain-other, there was no life except at the time of delivery, that says a mother. Between life and death, a mother struggling with all his strength to bear children who dwell in her womb for nine months.




This is the birth of a baby in the normal way, through several stages to go through a mother:


The first process (opening)

  • This stage is the longest, beginning of contractions until the cervix is ​​fully open by the baby's head. In the first delivery, the process can be more than 18 hours, while the second and subsequent delivery between 2-3 hours.
  • Weak but regular contractions that starts from the top down to the vagina uterus, usually begins with pain in the back and spread quickly became like cramps in the lower abdomen.
  • Little by little the contraction will be faster to issue urgent seringdan baby's head into the mouth of the womb. Each contraction lasted 30 to 60 seconds. Distance between contraction is 10-20 minutes. The pain disappeared each time the uterus relaxes.
  • The cervix becomes soft, thin and wide to facilitate the baby out of the womb.
  • A little fluid and blood usually participate accompanies childbirth, before eventually rupture the amniotic fluid.

The second process (push)

  • Phase of the full opening until the baby is born. In this stage the baby is born through the cervix into the vagina, then removed. This stage usually lasts less than an hour for the first delivery. In the second delivery, only about 20 minutes.
  • Mom will feel the urge to push (push your stomach muscles) and feel the sensation like someone who wants to defecate. The longer, the urge to push it the more powerful and frequent. The baby will then come out through the cervix.
  • In the normal position where the head out first, the baby's head serves as a pacesetter. Thus, even before the baby can breathe the whole body out of the womb.

The third process (placenta)

  • At this stage the placenta (java: ari-ari) will detach from the uterine wall. The process usually occurs 15-20 minutes after birth.
  • Strong uterine contractions continue after birth and will hit the blood vessels, reducing bleeding and cause the placenta separated from the uterine wall. 
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